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Basketball is a great sport that is now enjoyed by millions of people globally! Of those millions, all have a different connection with the game and don’t enjoy it in the same way.

Some love playing.

Some love coaching.  

Some simply love to watch and be a spectator.

Most basketball lifers have had the pleasure of experiencing the game in each of these roles and have seen their basketball relationship evolve from childhood to now.  Even with all the different avenues to find your personal enjoyment within this great sport everyone has a truly authentic relationship with the game which assists in shaping their opinions on topics ranging from how much youth should be practicing/playing to who is the greatest player of all time.   GURUS UNITED is interested in hearing your opinion and want your contribution to the GU Community!

So WHO’S A GURU?? We all do not see the game the same way but our opinions are authentic and REAL!  That makes you a GURU and we want to hear what you have to say!